I found this recipe on Pinterest!  🙂  The original blog it is from is www.plainchicken.blogspot.com.  No photo because we left our camera at my folks house…sorry.

Anyway, I tweaked it a little and made it for the July freezer swap with my friends.  That means I had to make it for 6 families.  Instead of giving everyone a 9 x 13, I divided each 3 recipes into two 8 x8 pans.  It was pretty tasty, though not too healthy and I would definitely make it again.  Oh, and the added bonus NO THAWING REQUIRED!!

Here is the recipe with my changes:

Ranch Baked Potatoes

2 (16 oz.) containers sour cream  (I tried to reduce this, but could not seem to coat the potatoes without this much sour cream!)

2 cups cheddar cheese, shredded

1/3 lb. bacon, cooked & crumbled

2 packages Ranch dip mix (It was really Ranch-y, I would reduce this next time.)

1 large bag (mine were 30 oz. or 1 lb, 14 oz.) frozen hash brown potatoes (The stringy kind.)

To Freeze:  Combine first 4 ingredients, mix in hash browns.  Spread into one 9 x 13 pan or two 8 x 8 pans.  Cover for freezing (if Pyrex, just put the lid on….if aluminum, use plastic wrap and heavy duty foil).

To Serve:  Remove plastic wrap and foil or lid.  Bake at 400 for 45-60 minutes.