The Yummiest Garlic Bread

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We found our favorite garlic bread recipe a few years ago.  My brother-in-law (thank you Chris!) made it for us one New Years and it is delicious.

This is a Paula Deen recipe so you shouldn’t be surprised to find lots of butter in it!  I use loaves of fresh French bread from Publix’s bakery for this.

I only use about half the garlic butter mixture for one loaf.  You can either freeze the extra garlic butter mixture to use later or spread it on another loaf, wrap in foil & freeze!

Please try it, you won’t regret it!

Zesty Roasted Garlic Bread


Freezer Cooking with Kristen

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Today, my friend Kristen and I had a freezer cooking day.  We made each recipe times four….two for each family.

Here is what we made:

Chicken Taco Soup-secret recipe from a friend I”m not allowed to share…..   🙂


Pizza Pasta


Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes


Greek Chicken

Honey Garlic Chicken


So tired.  So happy to have it all in my freezer.


Homemade Uncrustables


uncrustableslineI get questions often about Homemade Uncrustables.  I made these uncrustables using my Pampered Chef Press N Seal.  I could you give you a little tutorial, but there are several out there that are very good, which I will link to.  I will say that I agree with 2 of the points the others mention:  #1-use fresh bread, #2-put peanut butter on both sides of the bread.


This tutorial is fantastic!  http://unsophisticook.com/homemade-uncrustables-sandwiches/

I like how Crystal uses the extra crust to make homemade croutons!  I do this too.  I’ll share my recipe tomorrow!



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MOPS Mom’s Night Out

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Last night, I got to hang out with some of the ladies of our local MOPS group.  Each of the ladies assembled 4 freezer meals without the meat.  The meat will be added at home.  It was fun & simple.  Here is what they made:

Cream Cheese Chicken

Greek-Inspired Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken

3 Packet Roast

As I told the ladies last night, my picky kids love all these recipes.  Enjoy!