5 things I’m loving this week:

1. A date with my oldest son!  Sometimes, trying to spend time one on one with each of your four kids can be difficult.  It was a blast squeezing in some time this morning with W.  He dressed up a little bit and was such a gentleman!  He says his dad taught him and I’m glad he’s taking it to heart.  ❤   What did we do?  Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and window shopping for a hamster.  He’s hoping for one for Christmas.  What a delightful kid!


2. My twelve year old daughter telling me that I “have to read” a book she’s enjoying.  Its the fifth installment in the Land of Stories series and we both are loving this series!  (If you are looking for good chapter books, our family also cannot recommend enough the Penderwicks series.)

3. Getting TWO dinners in my freezer!  I made a triple batch of beef stroganoff this week and was able to put two meals worth in the freezer!  I love stocking the freezer!


4. Snickers bars.  Really.  It is not a good idea to keep chocolate in our house.  I will eat it super fast!

5. Fun with friends and family.  We celebrated our youngest turning 3, our 7 year old making the dance team, spent Monday night with relatives and Friday night with friends, and tonight is DATE NIGHT!  It was a full, exhausting week, but so so good.  God is good!


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